How Long Does It Take To Paint Exterior Of House

How long does it take to paint exterior of house?

Painting an average-sized house interior can take 4-7 days depending on your house type, previous paint condition and other factors. An average-sized room has no more than four bedrooms and is two-storied.

But as we can naturally guess, all the project does not take the same time. Some factors can affect the painting time.

How big is your house?

If you have an average-sized house, a group of 2-3 people will comfortably paint your house within 4-5 days. If you have a big home exterior with six bedrooms or three-storied, it may take about 6-8 days.

The painters will need one extra day if you have a wooden house. Check BUILDEASY to find out some best color choices for your wooden house exterior.

Number of painters

The number of painters can also affect the painting time. If you increase the number of workers, the painting will be faster naturally, but you will have to pay for the extra equipment and workers.


For good quality painting, the painters need to prepare the house’s exterior. The preparation takes a significant part of the painting time. If the preparation stapes are easy, that can save some time.

The preparation step includes removing dirt, pollen and loose paint. Those things can make the new color weak and less lasting. After cleaning, the painters will apply pressurized water to clean more thoroughly. After that, the house needs to dry. The drying takes one day. But if you have a wooden house, that will take two days.

Environment and Weather

Choose dry season for painting your house exterior. Choose a time of the year when there is no possibility of rain within at least ten days. If rain starts middle of painting the exterior, the paint and the hard work can wash away and paint again will take a lot of time.


After painting the house’s exterior, the painters will leave no clue of spilled paint and other messes. Those will also take some time.

Choosing an experienced and professional painting company is essential for fast and long-lasting painting. But to be honest, if you are painting your house,  you must look for the best painting contractors in your locality. It is not about how fast the work is done or how cheap it costs.

You should prioritize good quality painting that will keep your house looking new for years.

We proudly claim that we are the best painting company in Citrus County, FL. We take care of your house exterior like our own house.

Final thoughts

An experienced painter can tell you how long does it take to paint exterior of house almost accurately by looking it around a bit.  But from the other side of the laptop, we can just give you some idea about the required time for painting a house. Contact us if you want more information on painting your exterior.

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