What Does A Painting Contractor Do?

Painting Contractor

What Does a Painting Contractor Do?


Why hire a professional painter (or a painting contractor) when coloring a wall is only a matter of taking a rolling pin and making a few strokes, right? WRONG. Proper painting, in fact, requires its own equipments and skill sets. Therefore, hiring a painting contractor is a must.

But, what does a painting contractor do, to be exact?

A painting contractor is a qualified professional hired either directly or through a painting company for the purpose of applying or removing paints to/from floors, walls, ceilings and other surfaces of an interior or exterior structure. Real estate agencies or renting services can also employ a painting contractor for you.

But, painting is not the only thing they do. There are actually a ton of tasks to complete even before the painting process starts. This article lets you know the many dimensions of a painting contractor’s job, so keep reading ahead.

What does a Painting Contractor do?

Here, we will segment the paint job into four sections- planning, prep work, painting and additional work.


  • This starts with measuring the area to be painted, choosing the owner’s preferred type of paint and estimating the time and budget.
  • Contractors then bid against the other contractors by providing the owner with a detailed description of their planning for the project.
  • Once they win the bid, they inspect the area and assess how much of surface preparation is required before they can start applying the paints.
  • Interior paint contractors also need to estimate the time of the paints drying. The painting schedule must be confirmed by considering the weather conditions for exterior painting.

Prep work

This may include-

    • Moving the furnitures and other objects from the area of painting. The owners should be in charge of moving small or delicate objects.
    • The contractor may lay out drop clothes to cover the floors or furnitures, if required.
    • For preparing the surface, they will fill any small holes or cracks in the wall.
    • They might even out the surface by lightly sanding and scraping the old paint.


The painting part includes-

  • Applying primers to the surface of painting.
  • Mixing the colors to achieve the desired shade.
  • Appling one coating of paint, allowing it to dry, and then putting another coating. This can be repeated until the proper finishing is achieved.
  • Cover the missing spots with more paint.
  • Seal the corners of the wall.
  • Finally, clean any extra drops of paint and remove the drop clothes.

Additional work

  • The painting contractor will inspect the structure along with the owners and make the required adjustments.
  • Contractors will move the furnitures to their previous space.
  • They will present the final accounts to the property owners by comparing it to the estimated cost.

What do the Painting Contractors Paint?

A painting contractor can paint these structures and many more-

Houses Apartments Factories Retail outlets Exterior walls

Why Should I Hire a Painting Contractor?

Your home improvement projects will become significantly faster and easier once you hire a painting contractor. Many people opt for DIYs while painting their home, but that requires enormous amount of time and labor. It is not practical for people with full-time jobs, and even if you manage to paint your walls, chances are that you won’t be able to achieve the finishing you hoped for.

This is where painting contractors come in. They are equipped with painting ladders, lifts, rollers, brushes and many more tools to paint your place, be it a small room or an entire factory. These professionals are trained to do the work, and most of their payments are affordable to general people.

How to Find a Contractor

The best way to find a contractor is asking for recommendations from people around you. Talk to your extended family, neighbors and friends to know if they have recently got any home improvements done. Also, you can quickly go through your local phone directories to find the contact details of a contractor.

Generally, real estate companies or home builders employ painting contractors upon customer request. So, giving them a call might help.

Tips on Choosing the Contractor

  • Make sure to check their license and insurance coverage before hiring them.
  • Discuss your desired design to see if they can fulfil the expectations.
  • Ask for personal referrals to the people of your community.
  • Interview the contractor to know about the paint type, budget, required time, and additional services

Final Words

If you had been wondering ‘What does a painting contractor do’, this article has most definitely given you the answer. The right painting contractor does not only ease up your work, they give a new look to your place. So, do your research and get the best contractor to paint your home and other places!

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